Electric Underfloor Heating –
The flexible heating solution from Dimplex

For a pleasant room climate and certainly no cold feet

Fast heat, easy installation, energy-efficient heating. Our electric underfloor heating is a true heating miracle. Not only does it provide cozy warmth, but it can also be used particularly flexibly. This means you can determine exactly which areas you want to heat. At the push of a button you can control the temperature of the floor and ensure pleasant warmth.

The electric underfloor heating that can simply do more

Areas of application for Dimplex electric underfloor heating

What is the difference between underfloor heating and electric underfloor heating?

How does electric floor heating work?


Floor Temperature Control Comfort Floor


The electric underfloor heating that can simply do more

No matter whether in the kitchen, the living room or the bathroom - with our floor temperature control you will definitely not get cold feet. But convince yourself of the advantages of our heating mats.


Quick and Easy to Install Later

Would you like to retrofit underfloor heating? No problem – the electric underfloor heating from Dimplex can be easily retrofitted without much effort. There is no need to lay pipes and no complex planning is required. The heating mats are simply laid on the dry screed and only require a connection cable to the electricity.

Due to the low installation height of the electric underfloor heating of 3.5 mm, the finished floor covering is imperceptibly higher than before. This makes threshold-free transitions between the individual surfaces possible without any problems, as well as partial installation in a room.


Warmth Whenever and Wherever you Want

Our electric underfloor heating delivers exactly the heat you need in just a few minutes. Unlike conventional, water-conducting underfloor heating, it is installed directly on the screed under the finished floor covering. Therefore, it transfers the heat to the room extremely efficiently and with little energy loss. This is worth its weight in gold, especially when using special rooms or individual areas temporarily.

The Dimplex heating mats can be individually adapted to any floor plan. From underfloor heating in the shower or tiled seating to narrow rooms - we bring warmth to almost every corner of your living space! There are hardly any restrictions when it comes to choosing floor coverings. Whether parquet, laminate, tiles, textile flooring, PVC, linoleum, vinyl or cork – all floor coverings are suitable for our heating mats. The note “Suitable for underfloor heating” or the corresponding symbol shows you that the floor is suitable for Dimplex electric underfloor heating.

It Pays Off – Affordable Underfloor Heating in the Long Term

It's not just the purchase and installation costs for electric underfloor heating that are significantly lower compared to a water-conducting system. The electric variant is also the clear winner when it comes to planning and maintenance costs. In contrast to water-conducting underfloor heating, electric heating mats are easier to install and require little maintenance in the long term.


Heating 2.0 – Comfortable and Easy Control

Our DTB 2R temperature controller offers you many different features with which you can adjust your electric underfloor heating according to your wishes, even with weekly programs. You can set your individual comfortable temperature in 1 degree increments. You can also easily switch between the individual modes at the touch of a button. The DCF series can be easily integrated into the Dimplex Smart Climate System via app.

Areas of Application for Dimplex Electric Underfloor Heating

Our electric floor heating is universal and versatile throughout the house, from the basement to the bathroom. You will definitely not regret this investment in both winter and summer.

Electric underfloor heating in the bathroom

Who likes cold tiles? We know how uncomfortable cold tiles and surfaces feel - especially on bare skin. There are many different areas of application for our electric underfloor heating in the bathroom. In walk-in showers, in front of the sinks, next to the bathtub or in front of the toilet - our heating mats provide reliable and welcome warmth and can be easily retrofitted when renovating a bathroom. Thanks to the high-quality and high-quality workmanship, our electric underfloor heating has the IP 67 protection class. This means you can lay them carefree even in wet areas such as walk-in showers or large areas in the bathroom.

  • Do you get cold feet while cooking? Simply have the area around the kitchen counter installed with our electric underfloor heating and prepare your favorite dish in comfort. Got up on the wrong foot?
  • With our heating mats this will no longer happen to you! For example, you can heat the edge of your bed when you get up and start the day well-disposed.
  • Do you need extra comfort at your workplace? With electric underfloor heating, you'll enjoy sitting at your desk for an hour longer.
  • Would you like to heat the play area in the living room separately? Make sure that your children don't get cold while they're running around on the floor.
  • Would you like to keep your guests' feet warm in the winter garden? Sit relaxed with your friends and enjoy the pleasant warmth from below.
  • Ready for a round of training in the basement? Enjoy feel-good warmth in your fitness room with electric underfloor heating and enjoy exercising even on dark and cold days.

 Modernization of Living Spaces with Electric Underfloor Heating

When modernizing or renovating living spaces, underfloor heating is often desired later. However, a water-carrying system can only be implemented with a lot of effort afterwards, as it has to be integrated into the screed and the corresponding pipes are often not provided. In addition, the floor is significantly raised by the thick pipes, which can create steps between the individual rooms.

Electric underfloor heating can easily be installed directly onto the existing screed. This allows you to heat individual areas or entire rooms to support normal heating.

The Perfect Companion for the Transitional Period

Have you already switched off the main heating, but summer isn't quite here yet? Are you sensitive to cold and don't want to do without temperature-controlled tiles in the bathroom even on warm days? Not feeling well and need extra warmth? Not every day is the same. You will especially appreciate our heating mats on cooler days.


What is the difference between underfloor heating and electric underfloor heating?

The most common are water-conducting underfloor heating systems, which are connected to the house's central heating system. They can therefore also be used as full heating. Electric floor heating systems are heating mats in which the heat is generated using electricity. They are mainly used as additional heating to support central heating and are used to specifically heat individual areas.

The two types of heating also differ in the type of heat transfer. Conventional underfloor heating gives off heat to the screed and floor covering through the flow of heated water. Since the entire water cycle first has to get going, it takes significantly longer until the heat is noticeable. With electric floor heating, however, the floor can be heated much more specifically and quickly.

The installation of a water-bearing system is significantly more complex and expensive. The pipes must be laid on the floor insulation layer before the screed is installed. This means that subsequent installation is associated with high costs and effort. The heating mats for electric floor heating can be easily retrofitted and glued to the screed, which makes installation easier and cheaper. The floor covering can then be laid directly.

How does electric floor heating work?

Underfloor heating, often also called electric underfloor heating, is a heating mat that consists of integrated heating conductors. These ladders are meandering and fixed to the supporting fabric like a river loop. The special thing about it is that you can cut the carrier mesh and cut into the heating mats. This means they can be individually adapted to almost all floor plans and give the installer a high level of flexibility.

The self-adhesive heating mats can be laid on almost all surfaces that are firm, dry and temperature-resistant. To avoid heat blockage, underfloor heating should not be installed under immovable objects such as a bathtub or kitchenette. Once the heating mats have been laid out on the desired areas, they are connected to the power grid. There is only one connection cable, which is simply laid in an empty pipe and connected to the power supply via the controller on the wall.

The floor sensor is placed in the floor between two heating loops of the heating mat and connected to the controller. The empty pipe and the sensor sleeve are included in the set. To ensure flush installation, slight milling into the screed is necessary. The sensor is then inserted into the sensor sleeve covered with thermal paste and connected.

Electricity flows through the heating conductors, which ultimately transfers a pleasant heat evenly and without loss of energy to the finished floor covering. The Dimplex heating mats have a low installation height of just 3.5 mm. This means that the finished floor is only slightly higher. Please contact a specialist installer when installing.

As soon as the installation is complete, you can easily define all the settings with the Dimplex controller DTB 2R. All of our heating mats are guaranteed for 10 years and meet the requirements of protection class IP67.

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