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Air/water heat pump for outdoor installation

Efficiency Machine

Maximum Performance. Minimum consumption.

One of the best heat pumps in its class: The LA S-TUR family with its output range from 6 to 18kW and four variants is designed for high efficiency.
It is ideal for new construction and renovation.

Your Advantages at a Glance:

- Thanks to a wide range of performance sizes, comfort options and system packages, the LA S-TUR can be used perfectly for almost any project in new construction or renovation.
- The heat pump can be easily installed thanks to the flexible hydraulic connections.
- Pre-programmed codes make initial commissioning using the EasyOn process particularly easy.
- The outdoor unit can be operated conveniently via the color display from any heated basement or household room.
- The Dimplex Home app enables smart operation, allowing access to the heat pump at any time and from any location via a tablet or smartphone.
-Versatile expansion options through bivalent connection, control of a wide range of hydraulic components, SG-Ready for variable tariffs and efficient room control with the Smart RTC make the LA S-TUR an all-rounder.


Top Marks in Energy Efficiency

The monoblock design, the high-performance evaporator, the EC fan and the COP booster ensure top values ​​in their class: COP A2/W35: 4.2. This makes the LA S-TUR from Dimplex ideal for new buildings and renovations. In terms of energy efficiency, the air/water heat pump achieves up to A+++!

What Makes the LA S-TUR so Quiet

An air/water heat pump installed outside sometimes raises concerns among owners or the neighborhood about possible noise pollution. With the LA S-TUR series, no one has to buy earplugs or worry about loud complaints. The result is impressive, but certainly not audible: the latest EC fans rotate almost silently. Thanks to the encapsulated compressor space and the freely swinging compressor base plate for structure-borne noise decoupling, the LA S-TUR achieves the best values ​​and at 100% performance.

All that remains is the quiet whisper of a gentle breeze.

One size fits all

One size fits all.


One case size.

Three performance levels.

For new construction and renovation.

Reversible heat pump with cooling function.

Temperature Artist

All variants from 6 kW to 18 kW are reversible and suitable for heating and cooling. The advantage: with just one system, it becomes comfortably warm in winter and pleasantly cool in summer.

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> LA 12S-TUR

> LA 18S-TUR



Efficient heating and cooling for 200 square metres.

The LA 9S-TUR is a reversible air/water heat pump with 9 kW heating output for outdoor installation. It is well prepared for dynamic cooling (fan convection) or silent cooling (floor/wall/ceiling surfaces). It is therefore ideally suited for newly built detached houses as well as for energy-efficient refurbishment. Of course, it still has all the advantages of the LA 9S-TU - and is therefore extremely flexible and easy to install.

> To the LA 9S-TUR

High-efficiency air/water heat pumps over 20 kW.

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More information about the products:

> LA 35TBS

> LA 3860

> LA 33TPR

> LA 40TU-2

> LA 60S-TUR

> LA 60P-TUR

Perfectly Integrated System for Heating and Hot Water

The LA S-TUR is a real team player and, with its wall-mounted controller with color touch display, can be used flexibly with almost any existing or individually constructed hydraulic system. In combination with a hydrotower, the air/water heat pump creates a system that can be installed quickly and easily and increases the operational reliability of your heating system. Ideal for single-family homes with the aim of getting the most out of comfort, space requirements and investment costs.


oder the reversible variante >HPL 9S-TURW


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