Paar entspannt auf Sofa mit zentraler Lüftung

Decentralised ventilation

Simply efficient - straight through the wall

No more mould due to incorrect ventilation

Do you want an uncomplicated solution when it comes to indoor air quality? Especially if you have renovated or built an energy-efficient building. Then simply route the ventilation through the wall.
Decentralised ventilation systems from Dimplex can be easily installed in individual rooms to specifically improve the indoor air quality. They do not require an air distribution system and are therefore particularly suitable for retrofitting or renovating existing buildings.

Push-pull device

Decentralised ventilation system DL 40

A good indoor climate with low energy costs: controlled domestic ventilation systems are the right choice for new builds and renovations. The advantage of a decentralised ventilation system is that it takes up little space and is easy to install. The DL 40 is ideal for retrofitting in renovation projects. Controlled domestic ventilation transports excess moisture to the outside and thus protects the building fabric.

Ventilation units of the DL series

Ventilation units for one or two individual rooms with heat recovery for supply air heating. Installation takes place through the outer wall of each individual room - or optionally with an adjacent room connection. Humidity recovery and demand control using an air quality sensor are also possible.


The compact design of the devices makes installation and subsequent maintenance extremely easy. All that is needed is a straight wall opening or a core drill hole through the outer wall of the room in question and a power connection.

This makes decentralised ventilation systems particularly interesting for renovating old buildings. But they are also perfect for use in new buildings if no ventilation ducts have been planned.

And what about the aesthetics? Design panels from Dimplex set high-quality accents in the room and can be easily painted over with the wall colour.

With cross-counterflow heat exchanger

Real heat recovery

The heat contained in the exhaust air is recovered continuously and therefore particularly efficiently.

This achieves a real heat recovery rate of up to 87%.

It hardly gets any quieter.

Disturbing noises remain outside, but the ventilation itself is also whisper-quiet in operation.

The decentralised ventilation systems from Dimplex are among the quietest devices on the market and have the best sound transmission values in the external wall openings.


Developed for allergy sufferers

Healthy indoor air

The air quality sensor automatically ensures optimum room air.

Pollen and particles are kept outside by the reliable F7 filter - so allergy sufferers in particular can breathe easy.

Customised ventilation systems. Plan your ventilation with Dimplex.

We advise you on the selection of the right system and support you with planning and commissioning on site. For planning, we need details of the building, floor plans, views and sectional drawings.

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