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Basements are often unintentionally passively heated, be it by a boiler or by electrical devices that radiate a lot of heat. The hot water heat pump uses this energy from air and waste heat to prepare hot water. Up to 70 percent of the energy required is used free of charge. That's easily enough for a one- to two-family house. Positive side effect: The cellar is automatically dehumidified and mold formation is reduced. If that's not enough for you: a connection to an air distribution system is possible and makes the domestic water heat pump even more efficient. This means that other rooms are also used to convert the exhaust air into warm water. Up to 560 liters of hot water are possible at once - more comfort is not possible. And if you want it to be even more energy efficient, connect a PV system.
Take advantage of our warranty extension to 5 years (sales area Germany and Austria).

Warm water?

There's enough there. At any time.

The DHW heat pumps are an efficient solution for hot water preparation in both new buildings and existing buildings.

The DHW series hot water heat pumps from Dimplex

A hot water heat pump is one of the most efficient solutions for hot water preparation in both new buildings and existing buildings. It can cover the hot water needs of a single-family home all year round, regardless of an existing heating system. It obtains up to 70% of the energy required for heating from the ambient air or the waste heat present in the room air.

Dimplex hot water heat pumps combine comfort and efficiency. The most important advantages of the DHW series at a glance:

Brauchwasserwärmepumpe DHW von Dimplex im Kellerraum

DHW Series

Simply warm up efficiently: Hot water production from waste heat..

Simply seal tested: All DHW hot water heat pumps have the EHPA seal of quality.

Simply store intelligently : Use your own PV energy for hot water.

Simply versatile: Remote control via energy management or building management systems possible via RS-485 interface.

Simply Convenient: LC display with capacitive touch operation.

Simply looks good: Compact dimensions and modern design for the installation room.

Easy to set up: Thanks to low tilting dimensions, divisible hoods and side connections, even low basement rooms are suitable as installation locations.

Product Series

> DHW 100PW Wall-mounted water heating in flats or flats with R290
> DHW 250P with natural refrigerant R290 and easy operation
> DHW 301P with R290 and PV feed for heat pump and heating element possible
> DHW 301P+ PV feed possible and with additional heat exchanger for integrating a second heat generator
> DHW 400+ for even more PV electricity storage capacity and more hot water convenience.