Dimplex Wärmespeicher VFE in Loft vor Wand

Storage heater


Simply future-oriented heating

Thanks to the latest technologies, storage heaters are still the ideal way to modernise a building. Without the need for major installation work, chimney renovation or complex pipework, but with intelligent control, heat storage heaters are modern energy managers that use electricity to run a household: At favourable night-time electricity tariffs, almost 100% of the electricity is converted into heat overnight and stored so that this heat can be quietly released during the day as required. Modern storage heaters offer better heat retention than older models. Together with an intelligent control system, energy savings of up to 20% are possible.


We provide solutions for your requirements in every area

However, it is not only efficiency that makes electric heaters fit for the future, but also their contribution to a clean eco-balance: the proportion of electricity from renewable sources is constantly increasing. Storage heaters that are operated exclusively with green electricity are completely emission-free and therefore absolutely climate-neutral. Thanks to their high storage capacity, heat storage systems are an important building block in the energy transition and can help to balance out the fluctuating grid loads caused by wind and solar power. The authorisation of fossil fuels such as oil or gas for heating will be increasingly restricted in future due to climate targets.

Modern storage heaters provide heating comfort in every room. The Dimplex range includes storage heaters for every requirement: the right heat output, the right size and reliable technology.


The DIMPLEX Quantum VFE storage heater

The new DIMPLEX Quantum VFE storage heater is ideal for replacing old night storage heaters, as it can process both DC and AC control signals. There is no need for the costly refurbishment of an old heating system. Only a suitable power supply (230 V and 400 V) is required. In addition, the integrated room temperature and charging controller ensures quick installation and energy-efficient operation.

Storage heaters: Ideal for renovation projects


Modern design

Dimplex has various models of storage heaters in its range. From the classic ThermoComfort to the elegant Quantum, there is the right appliance for every interior design style. All have a timeless and modern look and are particularly space-saving thanks to their small volume and high heat output.

Simple installation

Dimplex storage heaters can be integrated into existing storage heating systems, including those from other manufacturers or brands. The installation effort is particularly low, as no connection to the pipework of a water-led heating system or chimney is necessary, but the existing heat tariff power supply can be used.

Perfect for refurbishment

Storage heaters are the best solution, especially in old buildings whose heating system needs to be refurbished: they require neither a connection to a water-based heating system nor chimneys, which are often not present in old buildings. In addition, individual appliances can also be easily replaced, as all Dimplex storage heaters are backwards compatible. Such a replacement is generally much cheaper than installing a completely new heating system with boilers and chimneys.

Improved function

Compared to older storage heaters, the new models have up to 20% better heat retention capacity. Thanks to state-of-the-art control technology, the latest generation of storage heaters can be used particularly efficiently as they can be set precisely to the temperature required by the occupants. Operation is whisper-quiet and powerful, for all-round comfort in every room. In addition to the standard heat storage function during the night, all storage heater models can also be fitted with the special accessory daytime auxiliary heating as supplementary/transitional heating.