Space heaters

Intelligent heat at the touch of a button.

Feel-good warmth in every room – that’s what we offer with our large portfolio of electric direct heaters. Whether in the living room, bathroom, the hobby room in the basement or even the office or holiday apartment: solutions from handy fan heaters to heat wave heaters with convection technology, all powered by electricity and easy to install, bring pleasant temperatures wherever they are needed. And usually right at the push of a button without any lead time.


The advantages of Dimplex direct heating devices.

✔ Right warmth for every area
✔ Easy assembly
✔ Low investment
✔ Modern design
✔ Intelligent functions
✔ Perfect additional heaters


Reliable Warmth
According to the principle of convection, heat rises and circulates in the room. The heating element in the device keeps the air circulating and the interior heats up after a short time. Permanently installed on the wall or ready to plug in for mobile use, convectors allow very precise temperature control.

Infrared Heater

Fast and easy
Using the sun as a model, electromagnetic waves from the infrared range transmit radiant heat to solid bodies. The air remains almost untouched, no chance for pollen and dust. Even at low ambient temperatures, cozy warmth quickly spreads – exactly where it is desired.

Fan Heater

Mobile and multifunctional
Fan heaters are the jokers in the game of creating a pleasant indoor climate. The handy devices specifically heat the immediate surroundings or provide a cooling effect on the skin. Air is sucked in, passed over the heating element and distributed with the built-in fan. The temperature can be adjusted gradually.


The direct heaters at Dimplex include convectors and wave heaters that can be permanently installed. Some models can also be connected via a socket and are therefore mobile. Infrared heaters for indoor areas, e.g. for the bathroom or children's room, provide direct heat without having to go through the air. Patio heaters with infrared extend the summer evenings outdoors. But radiators, fan heaters and air curtains for commercial use are also part of the room heater portfolio: the right electric heater for every requirement.

Space Heaters for Living Spaces

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Electric heating is the heating of the future - that's how we see it at Dimplex. Because only electricity-powered heaters can be operated permanently and sustainably in an environmentally conscious manner. Anyone who gets their electricity exclusively from renewable sources (eco-tariff) and heats with this electricity is heating with zero emissions and therefore with a really clear conscience. For us, this is the only viable alternative when it comes to heat in private and commercial buildings.

Easy Construction

Depending on the model, direct heaters from Dimplex are either firmly connected to the power line (an electrician is required here) or simply operated via a conventional socket. These space heaters are also mobile and can be used in different rooms depending on your needs.

Space Heaters in the Sleeping Area

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Low Investment

If direct heaters such as thermal wave heaters, convectors or towel dryers are used alone, the installation costs for the room heaters automatically fall because no complicated flush-mounted pipe laying or heating boilers are necessary.

Space Heaters Ideal for Kitchens and Bathrooms

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Modern Design

The direct heaters from our portfolio are largely design objects. Because even practical things can and should look good! Heaters, which become design elements and are taken into account when planning furnishings, are no longer the unloved, necessary objects in a room, but rather complement the overall look in a special way. We attach particular importance to this when designing our room heaters.

Heating Devices for the Hobby and Outdoor Sector

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Smart Features

Even if the electricity comes from renewable sources, you should use it sparingly. Intelligent controls for wave and convector heaters optimize electricity consumption: the heating behavior is adapted to the needs of the residents using individually adjustable weekly programs. With the “EcoStart” system, some of the Dimplex products even independently track how they are used and learn from this when they need to set which temperature. This saves costs and ensures pleasant warmth exactly when it is needed. Functions such as the return timer, the frost protection function or the detection of open windows round off the heaters' options for optimizing heating behavior and thus electricity consumption using innovative technological solutions.

Heating in the Office

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Perfect Additional Heaters

Whether the convector in the guest room, the towel warmer in the bathroom with underfloor heating or the fan heater in the workshop: Dimplex direct heaters are ideal for supplementing an existing heating system if, for example, it is no longer sufficient after a renovation and naturally does not have certain functions (see towel dryer in the bathroom) or simply not available, as often happens in old buildings or in the basement. The wide variety of the Dimplex product portfolio in the area of ​​space heaters offers heat for every need.