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Building Information Modeling for Construction Planning and Execution

Building Information Modeling (BIM) from Dimplex as a basis for creating and managing information for a construction object. The BIM data enables the digital representation of an object from planning through design to construction and operation.

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Dimplex Heat Pumps

Project Planning Manual




Help and problem solutions for the expansions for the heat pump manager that are available as accessories can be found here clearly arranged. The Dimplex Wiki is constantly being updated with new information and questions. 

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Ventilation Project Planning with Dimplex


We advise you on selecting the right system and support you with planning and commissioning on site. For planning we need information about the building, floor plans as well as views and sectional drawings.

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> Questionnaire for developing ventilation systems

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Are you looking for further information about our Dimplex heat pumps, hot water devices or ventilation? Discover the catalogs and brochures for our products by simply downloading them. 

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Heat pump project planning with Dimplex


We would be happy to support you with the planning and design of the heat pump. In addition to information about the building, details about the heat pump heating system are particularly important.  

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> Questionnaire for planning/design of the heat pump

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