System M.

The new generation of heat pumps.

The new generation of heat pumps.

5 Advantages. One System.

Modular, minimalist, “Made in Germany”, custom-made… all of these principles are in System M. But what exactly do you get out of it when you bring System M into your home? Every single advantage is convincing. But it is only when they work together that a unique overall solution is created... so extraordinary that you will get used to this heating system from day one - and won't want to be without it anymore. “Because physics cannot be outwitted.”

And the Winner is ... System M!

The modular heat pump system System M wins the German Design Award 2018 in the “Energy” category. The “Rat für Design” foundation, founded in 1953 on the initiative of the Federal Republic of Germany, annually honors outstanding product design with this internationally renowned prize.

In this year's competition, Dimplex prevailed against around 2,000 nominees, proving that System M is a real innovation!


Radically aesthetic & functional.

You want a heating system that takes up as little space as possible in your basement – ​​or especially in your utility room. A system that fits in perfectly and adapts to the environment. A system whose high quality you can see and feel. That's exactly why we developed System M.

Floats in front of the wall. System M wall console.

The outdoor unit of the System M Compact heat pump can be easily and quickly installed directly on the wall using the System M wall bracket.

Saves time and money: No foundation required – so installation and assembly can take place early in the construction phase.

Discreetly integrated: No pipes are visible – the refrigerant pipes and the condensate drain are cleverly hidden and led almost invisibly into the building.

Convenient controls. From everywhere. And at any time.

With the Dimplex Home app, the heat pump control can be accessed at any time and from anywhere.

The intuitively designed app interface makes it easy to make the most important settings on the heat pump, such as summer/winter switching or setting the hot water temperature. In combination with the intelligent room temperature control, the temperature for up to 20 rooms can also be set depending on the user via the app and even combined with weekly programs.

Sound. Radically quiet.

You want a heating system that uses free and unlimited heat energy - from the air. A system that therefore requires an outdoor unit with a fan, but is still barely audible. A system that also reassures your neighbors: because it is not only quiet, but also looks that way. That's exactly why we developed System M.


Always out of earshot.

Complaints about the noise level of your heat pump? Never heard. With System M, a distance of 5m from your neighbors is completely sufficient – ​​no matter in which direction. And best of all: the most important building and noise guidelines are fully met. System M is always noticeably quiet. Hand on it!


Plus: inverter. Comfort. Always.

Maximum comfort with optimized performance – is that possible? Yes, heat pumps with inverter technology can actually do both: they provide comfort when you need it. And deliver performance when it is needed.

You went for a walk in the rain with the kids and the dog and now everyone needs a warm shower? No problem. Depending on the size of the hot water tank, a family of five can shower extensively one after the other. And the dog? So more warm water is needed. A heat pump with an inverter always reacts flexibly...


Perfomance? Only when it is needed.

A heat pump with an inverter works less when the heat requirement is low and more when it is high. Because it can continuously adjust its performance, it always achieves the desired room temperature with the lowest possible energy expenditure - no matter what the season and heating requirements are. This saves electricity costs, especially in spring and autumn.

Nothing heats as efficiently as the heat pump.

Einteilung Energy Label Wärmepumpe

Only the electric heat pump achieves the highest efficiency value... because it obtains 75 percent of the energy required from the environment - and can be operated completely CO2-free using green electricity.

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System M

Compact Plus.

  • Power: 6kW
  • Incl. 180 liter hot water tank
  • Control via touch display and Dimplex Home app

Additionally with Compact Plus:

  • Power: 4 – 6 kW
  • Incl. inverter technology

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System M

Comfort Plus.

  • Power: 9kW/12kW
  • Incl. 220 liter hot water tank
  • Control via touch display and Dimplex Home app

Zusätzlich bei Comfort Plus:

  • Power: 9 – 16 kW
  • Incl. inverter technology

Also available with cooling function:
Comfort(Plus) Cooling