Warmes Wasser in Dusche aus Brauchwasserwärmepumpe

Hot water

Hot water?
It's running! Always.
Heat domestic hot water efficiently.
Always at the right time.
Always at the right temperature.

Convenient solutions for heating water

Showering, bathing, washing hands, rinsing off - hot water is needed every day. But what is the best way to get hot water? With a hot water cylinder, an instantaneous water heater or a particularly energy-efficient hot water heat pump? Dimplex has the ideal hot water appliance for every application - customised to your living situation and needs.


The energy-saving solution

Hot water heat pump

Hot water heat pumps from Dimplex are a particularly energy-efficient and cost-effective solution for generating hot water. Both in new and existing buildings. They cover the demand for hot domestic hot water all year round and obtain up to 70 per cent of the energy required from the ambient air or room air. And this is completely free of charge.

Instantaneous water heater

Open the tap - and there's hot water. Instantaneous water heaters are particularly efficient because they only heat the water that is actually needed. A quick and inexpensive solution, especially for modernisation.

Hot water tank

Compact, practical and universally applicable. Thanks to their quick installation and small footprint, these appliances are the solution wherever small quantities of hot water, even at higher temperatures, are required.