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Whether in renovation or new construction – Dimplex has the right heat pump for every project.

Heating, cooling and hot water preparation: With the all-rounder heat pump you will experience a whole new level of efficiency and living comfort. In principle, new installation or conversion is almost always possible: regardless of whether you are looking for a solution for a new building project, a partial renovation of existing properties or a complete renovation of an old building. Dimplex solutions can usually also be used to operate existing radiators. You can also benefit from attractive funding offers with state subsidies.


Green, feel-good climate made from air, earth or water

With a Dimplex heat pump, you take a step towards the energy transition with sustainable energy technology and protect the environment and the climate. Heat pumps enable you to become independent of fossil fuels such as gas and oil because they primarily use energy from the air, the ground or groundwater. In our range we offer air/water, brine/water, water/water and domestic water heat pumps. Heat pumps can be operated with electricity from renewable energies, the energy source of the future, and are then particularly climate-friendly. At the same time, they significantly reduce CO2 emissions and always work 100% emission-free at the site of use.

Convince yourself of our high-quality heat pumps – Made in Germany.


Heat Pumps for Your New Building

Are you looking for the right heat pump for your residential project?

Find the perfect solution for your new building here.

Heat Pumps for Renovation Projects

Find the optimal solution for your renovation or modernization at Dimplex. In our product range you will find the heat pump for your single and two-family home and experience feel-good warmth.

You can also benefit from government funding.

Cooling with the Heat Pump

In view of climate change and increasingly hot summers, cooling houses is becoming increasingly attractive, even in our latitudes. Anyone who decides to use a heat pump, whether in a new building or when replacing a heating system, should therefore consider the possibility of cooling with the heat pump when planning.


Advantages of Controlled Living Space Ventilation

Find out why ventilation is important, how to ventilate properly and why controlled living space ventilation automatically ensures fresh air in the living space.

Advantages of decentralized ventilation

Ventilate with the window closed: Decentralized ventilation systems are installed quickly and easily and ensure fresh air in the living space. Discover all the advantages at a glance.


Promotion of the Heat Pump

If a heat pump is chosen for heating, homeowners can benefit from government funding and are financially relieved. Discover all the information about promoting heat pumps and make it easier to finance your new heat pump.


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