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System C

Heat pumps for high power requirements with natural refrigerants

The new compact and networked heat pump solution System C with refrigerant R290 is suitable for solutions in all areas where high performance is required. In addition to retail applications, multi-family homes, commercial properties, building networks and districts can also be operated with System C in a future-proof and highly efficient manner - in new buildings and existing ones.
The system series offers heating, cooling and hot water preparation solutions for standardized and individual requirements. The heat pumps are equipped with the natural and future-proof refrigerant R290.
The offer is supplemented with well thought-out service offerings, intelligent control, variable cascading and the associated planning services as well as customer-specific hydraulics.
In addition, Dimplex offers a well-thought-out service offering, intelligent control and the option for automated system reports.

System Optimization Through Networking

System C is reversible and can be cascaded in up to 14 versions from 33 kW to 500 kW. In individual cases, higher performance is also possible. The system is intelligently controlled via the Dimplex Master controller. A separation of the heating/cooling and hot water preparation functions as well as a combination with all other heat pumps from Dimplex is possible across all heat sources in the system.

Standardized System Solutions

System C can be used reliably and highly efficiently as a standardized application, for example in new buildings and existing buildings, for heating and cooling.

The plug-and-play solution offers a high level of planning security: If desired, the required hydraulics can be planned and provided in advance, for example for connection to an existing building or a building network.
Solar or fossil heat generators can be easily integrated into the system. This makes System C easy to plan and set up - a high level of prefabrication and intelligent system integration enable efficient scalability.

Hot water preparation can either take place via transfer stations or be operated highly efficiently in the system with the intelligent flow rate sensor DFM 1988-1 from Dimplex. The DFM1988-1 system allows a permissible reduction in the required flow temperatures - a Dimplex USP on the market. 


Individual System Solutions

Projects with greater performance requirements require more customization. In this case, Dimplex also designs targeted and customer-specific systems with suitable hydraulic components and the perfectly designed associated system including a control concept, such as variable concepts for integrating waste heat. The individual design of the system saves time and money during installation. In addition, planning security is higher as is quality through industrial production and testing.


Minimal Footprint. Maximum Performance.


The reversible heat pump in monoblock design, which can be set up flexibly outside and uses natural refrigerant R290, meets the highest standards for sound and efficiency. Can be used for building heat requirements of up to 33 kW with a flow temperature of 64 °C for hot water temperatures of up to 60 °C and the possibility of cooling in summer - ideal for multi-family houses in new construction and renovation, with a living space of up to 750 m². 

Compact Outdoor Unit

  • Extremely quiet operation, thanks to the innovative speed-controlled fan and sound-optimized compressor room
  • High operational safety thanks to controlled condensate drainage with energy-efficient condensate tray heating and safety devices in the refrigeration circuit
  • LA 33TPR achieves energy efficiency class A++ in a low temperature application
  • Easy connection to the wall-mounted controller via bus system


Heizen und Kühlen. Im großen Stil.


Bis zu 60 kW Gebäudewärmebedarf: die LA 60P-TUR ist bestens ausgelegt für Großprojekte, wie z.B. Mehrfamilienhäuser oder Bürogebäude. Für die Gebäudebeheizung und -kühlung im Neubau und im Bestand sowie zur Bereitstellung von Prozesswärme im gewerblichen und industriellen Einsatz. Hocheffizient, reversibel, zweistufig - die LA 60P-TUR arbeitet immer bedarfsgerecht und kostenoptimiert.

Powerful Outdoor Unit

- Quiet thanks to speed-controlled fans and sound-optimized compressor room

- Energy efficiency class A++

- Sustainable and ecological thanks to natural refrigerant

- Equipped with two power levels for high performance figures in full and partial load operation


Your Advantages with the LA 60P-TUR


1 Certainly future-proof.
The natural refrigerant R290 is future-proof thanks to its low GWP value and meets all the requirements of the F-gas phase down (GWP <150) until 2030 and beyond.

2 Best efficiency values.
With a COP of 4.9 in heating mode, the LA 60P-TUR achieves a high annual performance factor with a high flow temperature of 66 °C. The result: More energy efficiency and lower operating costs.

3 More control.
The integrated heat meter reliably measures the system efficiency.

4 Can be flexibly cascaded.
Can be perfectly combined with preconfigured hydraulics and other applications. To cover high performance, several devices are connected in parallel and controlled via a master-slave control.

5 Maximum connectivity.
Thanks to numerous communication interfaces available as accessories, the LA 60P-TUR can be connected to common smart home and house control systems and exchange information.


Modular Hydraulic Station as a heating Center.

Dimplex offers an optimal solution for residential complexes, office complexes, supermarkets and other commercial facilities: The modular hydraulic station is delivered ready-piped and wired.

Individually planned, modularly constructed, manufactured to industrial standards and installed extremely quickly, it contains all the necessary hydraulic and control components for heating and cooling buildings with a heat requirement of up to 500 kW. A powerful heat pump creates a future-proof, regenerative overall system. Optionally including heat recovery, e.g. by using industrial waste heat.

  • 30 to 500 kW heating/cooling output
  • 5 to 70 m³/h volume flow
  • + 7 to + 60 °C temperature range
  • ~ 300 kg weight per module
  • Stainless steel or steel/black welded pipes
  • Cold/heat insulation


Your advantages with the Hydraulic Station:

1 Planning security and quality.
Pre-planned and pre-built modules. Available as a 3D model in the planning phase. High quality through industrial production and testing.

2 Cost and time savings.
Minimizing on-site installation time through prefabrication. Heat recovery significantly reduces energy costs.

3 Clearly defined interfaces.
Integration into building management technology and bus systems possible.

4 Flexibility.
Modular design enables individual planning for every application. Can be combined with all Dimplex air or brine heat pumps > 20 kW. Additional system components can be integrated hydraulically and in terms of control technology. Dimensions can be individually adapted to the building.