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Myths about renovation with a heat pump

Renovation and modernization with heat pumps? It couldn't be better!

Renovation and modernization with heat pumps?
It couldn't be better!

Around 35% of energy consumption in Germany arises from the provision of space heating and hot water in buildings. That's around 40% of all CO 2 emissions. This is largely due to the fact that most heating systems in existing buildings are insufficiently efficient or are outdated. Heating with fossil oil or gas also entails high losses. Replacing your heating system with a heat pump is one way to significantly reduce CO 2 emissions and maintain the value of an existing property in the long term.

> Source: BWP

Heat pumps cannot be used in existing buildings because high flow temperatures are required.

The fact is:

Thanks to the most modern technologies, heat pumps can already achieve the flow temperatures required for existing buildings with radiators and work particularly efficiently.

Often, even before the heating system was replaced, renovation measures were taken to ensure that the heating requirement was reduced (e.g. installing new windows).

If new radiators with a slightly larger surface area are also installed, a heat pump can be used without any problems. The costs are kept within reasonable limits - also thanks to attractive subsidies from the state.


Heat pumps are too expensive.

The fact is:

Attractive funding programs such as BAFA's market incentive program ensure additional savings.

PuR GmbH will support you with your application.


Electricity is far too expensive for heating. Oil and gas are so cheap right now.

The fact is:

The electricity for heating with a heat pump is billed via a separate meter and, at an average of 21 cents (gross), is significantly cheaper than normal household electricity in most areas.

In the future, the price of electricity will fall due to the reduction in the EEG levy from 2021. The prices for oil and gas, on the other hand, will rise in the future due to the CO2 tax.


Heat pumps are only for “tech freaks”. Complicated to plan, install and operate.

The fact is:

Dimplex supports you with its sales team throughout the entire process. Advises you on the correct design and planning of the heat pump.
Thanks to completely pre-installed solutions, installation is completed quickly and efficient, safe operation is guaranteed.

Operation is child's play with a smartphone app and completely intuitive.


I would like a geothermal heat pump, but that would ruin my beautiful garden.

The fact is:

Well-equipped drilling companies like Dimplex Geothermal Energy Service not only take care of all the permits, they also work in such a way that it is hardly noticeable afterwards that a drilling has taken place.

Using tools such as excavator mats, flushing containers and flushing preparation, the drilling is carried out as gently as possible.


Heat pumps are too loud, you’ll just end up in trouble with your neighbors.

The fact is:

When designing and developing our heat pumps, we at Dimplex placed particular emphasis on the issue of sound. Clever solutions and high-quality components ensure whisper-quiet operation.

For example by:

  • high-quality fans that provide a natural air noise.
  • a hidden fan wheel.
  • a division of the air flow into two exhaust openings.
  • reducing the air volume flow at night for peaceful sleep.
  • the installation of the heat pump in the building.


Using electricity for heating is harmful to the environment.

The fact is:

The energy label for heat generators also takes into account the energy source used and the efficiency of electricity generation in its assessment.

Only heat pumps achieve the best values ​​A+++ and A++.



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