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Financial Support. This applies from 01.01.24 in Germany.

Dimplex has been the expert in energy-efficient heat pump systems for almost 50 years. No matter whether energy comes from air, water or soil (brine). Dimplex offers the right solution for every application.


Switching to heat pumps
is worth it.
And protects the environment.


The right alternative: heat pump solutions. Best from Dimplex. Climate friendly. Efficient. And it can be operated using 100% renewable energy.

As of 01.01.24, responsibility for promoting heat pumps will move from the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) to KfW (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau). The established principles for the new funding situation, which are described here, are still being coordinated in detail and will be made available as a complete funding guideline in a timely manner. We will regularly inform you on this page about new information about funding from 01.01.24.


Federal funding for efficient buildings (BEG) from 01.01.2024

The funding landscape for renewable heating technology remains attractive. The following investment cost subsidies will be available for switching to a heat pump:

Basic subsidy 30% : The basic subsidy is available for all residential and non-residential buildings.

Speed ​​bonus 20% : For replacing a still functioning biomass or gas heater with a minimum age of 20 years. For oil, gas floor or storage heating systems, there are no requirements regarding functionality or minimum age. The speed bonus will only be available at this level until 2028.

Income bonus 30% : For self-occupying households with a taxable annual income of less than 40,000 euros.

Efficiency bonus 5% : For heat pumps that use a natural refrigerant or the heat source water, soil or wastewater.

There is a cap on funding of a maximum of 70% of the eligible costs, which are limited to a maximum of 30,000 euros. This means that the maximum grant is €21,000. For multi-family homes, the eligible costs increase with each additional residential unit. For non-residential buildings, the eligible costs are limited according to the square meter area.

The following applies to landlords: they are entitled to basic support, but with the condition that this cannot be added to the rental prices. This helps ensure that energy-related renovation measures do not lead to an increase in rental costs.

The new reduced-interest loan offer
A new loan program with reduced interest rates is being introduced, which is aimed at applicants whose taxable household income is up to 90,000 euros annually. This program is used to replace heating systems and to implement other measures to increase energy efficiency. In times of high interest rates, this offer aims to spread the financial burden associated with replacing heating systems over a longer period of time and thus reduce it. In addition, adjustable terms are intended to make the financing options more attractive, especially for seniors.


Government Grants



Government Grants

PuR GmbH, which has existed since 2014, advises you nationwide competently, independently and trustingly with a holistic approach - individually tailored to your project. PuR not only helps you find the right funding program, but also gets the most out of funding for you. Before concluding a service and delivery contract, the team will provide you with advice regarding funding, energy advice and, if necessary, financing.

In addition, a permanent consultant from the PuR team accompanies you throughout the entire process of BEG premium consulting “all-round carefree” with a money-back guarantee and supports you from the planning of the funding project to the disbursement of the funding.

Up to 20% funding

for the installation of ventilation systems and low-temperature radiators.
15% of the investment costs for installing central and decentralized ventilation systems are eligible for funding.
You receive an additional 5% when you use an individual restructuring plan (ISFP bonus).

Calculated quickly.

Maximum savings.

You can quickly and easily determine how much funding you will receive for your heat pump using the BWP funding calculator.