Dimplex Comfort Floor in Wohnzimmer
Dimplex Comfort Floor in Wohnzimmer

Underfloor heating COMFORT FLOOR

No more cold feet

Comfort under your feet: The thin-bed heating mats are used as direct heating for underfloor temperature control - with one clear goal: never have cold feet again. The Smart Climate COMFORT FLOOR heats the floor quickly and comfortably and is a quick solution for subsequent installation. The self-adhesive heating mats have a strong hold due to their high adhesive strength and can therefore be applied ideally and non-slip to the dry screed. The short heating time guarantees quick heat, which is perfect for rooms that only need to be heated for a certain amount of time. In new buildings or in rooms with low heat requirements where there is less space for radiators, the Comfort Floor, with its invisible installation under the floor, is also the right choice for full heating.

The Advantages of COMFORT FLOORS

✔ Particularly flat: installation height only 3.5 mm
✔ Extremely high adhesive strength for a firm hold when laying
✔ Even heat emission thanks to close-meshed loop spacing 
✔ Heating output 160 W/m 2
✔ Laying width 50 cm, particularly suitable for variable surface coverage thanks to simple adjustments to the support mesh
✔ 10 years Guarantee of the heating mats if they are put into operation correctly


Download the Planning Manual Now


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Quick, Easy Instillation

  • Ready for installation and connection on self-adhesive mesh support
  • Laying directly in tile adhesive or leveling putty
  • No slipping when embedding the mat due to high adhesive strength
  • With protective connection for connection to FI circuit breakers
  • Single-sided cold pipe 3.0 m for quick and flexible installation
  • Precise installation possible by cutting into the carrier mat
  • Particularly suitable for tiles and natural stone
  • Application for new and old buildings

Low Investment

In contrast to underfloor heating, which is powered by conventional energy sources, the electrically powered version is more cost-effective because no piping or chimneys are required. Even in old buildings, installing electric heating is often the better alternative because it is simpler and therefore more cost-effective.


Also Suitable for Kitchen and Bathroom

Thanks to the protective braiding and the high protection class IP 67, the underfloor heating mat can be operated with an FI switch. It can also be used in bathrooms, even in the shower, or in other rooms with high humidity.

Smart Heating via App

In conjunction with the intelligent and digital temperature controller DTB 2R, the DCF series can be easily integrated into the Smart Climate System. The floor temperature can be adjusted quickly and intuitively with one tap using the DIMPLEX Energy Control app. 
A combination with other electrical heating devices, such as infrared heaters and convectors, as well as components (e.g. open window detection) from Dimplex is also possible. All devices and components are controlled via the central control unit, the HUB, via a radio connection.
This universal networking with other Dimplex heaters creates comfortable temperature control in every room.

Smart Climate COMFORT FLOOR set

The floor temperature control is available as a set in the “all-round worry-free package” for quick installation: the individual mat with DTB 2R thermostat, floor sensor, sensor tube with flat sensor sleeve and flush-mounted box.

COMFORT FLOOR Thin-Bed Individual Heating Mats

Individual COMFORT FLOOR mats are also available in various sizes to supplement. For larger rooms, they are quickly connected to a heating mat set and thus expand the underfloor heating.

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