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We heat and ventilate the future. Electrically.

Under this motto, Dimplex has been developing and selling high-quality products for more than 45 years, from installed and portable heaters to clever hot water solutions and efficient ventilation systems. With a portfolio of over 700 products today, we are the world market leader in this area.

Our experience and expertise is based on the desire to continually develop new ideas and promote innovations in technology and design in order to create products that are energy efficient, always in tune with the times and make buildings a comfortable home or pleasant place to work.

With our teams and under the aegis of our parent company Glen Dimplex Group, itself also a global leader in intelligent electric heating and renewable energies, we are moving towards the future full of power. We are firmly convinced that electric heating and cooling will be the only clean solution in this area, thanks to electricity from renewable sources.

There are Many Good Reasons to Choose Dimplex

Innovative Product Portfolio

Latest State of the Art

Quality at Attractive Prices

High Customer Satisfaction

Sustainable Solutions

CO2-Neutral Heating & Cooling

Customer-Oriented Planning Service

Guarantee on All Products

The world is Our Home

As a global company with market leadership, the Glen Dimplex Group is represented on three continents: Europe, North America and Asia. The Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation (GDHV) division is headquartered in Kulmbach, Upper Franconia.

Discover the world of Glen Dimplex, from Kulmbach to Posen, from Dublin to Salzburg.






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An Irish-German success story: Our milestones

DIMPLEX – We give warmth a face.

For more than 45 years, DIMPLEX has stood for innovative technologies and products for electrical heating and ventilation at the Kulmbach location. The DIMPLEX product portfolio ranges from intelligent heat storage devices, modern direct heating devices, plug-in heating devices to smart heating systems for app control.

1973 – Glen Electric Founded

Martin Naughton and four colleagues founded Glen Electric in Newry, Northern Ireland. With just seven employees, Naughton begins producing oil-filled radiators. Kulmbacher Klimageräte (KKW) was founded in 1972 and produced the first storage heater in series production.

1977 - Glen Dimplex is Born

Just four years after the company was founded, the great success of the radiators was already evident: in 1977, Martin Naughton took over DIMPLEX, the British market leader in the field of electric heating, a company that was eight times its size. This is how Glen Dimplex is created.

1990 – Takeover by Glen Dimplex Group

The NPPs are taken over by the Irish Glen Dimplex Group.

2005 – New name: Glen Dimplex Germany

KKW becomes Glen Dimplex Germany! The membership of the Glen Dimplex Group is now also reflected in the name.

2020 - World Leader in Electric Heaters

Today, Glen Dimplex Group is a global leader in intelligent electric heating and renewable energy solutions and holds significant global market positions in home appliances, refrigeration and ventilation.

Further Insights into the History of Glen Dimplex