British Gas launches Dimplex Quantum Tariff

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The Smart Tariff that Decarbonises your Home

The Dimplex Quantum Storage Heater, from manufacturer Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation, is a revolution of the traditional storage heater; a heat battery, designed to deliver the electrification of heat in buildings. The Dimplex Quantum is a great electric heating option for homes that are looking to upgrade their existing storage heaters or replace other direct electric heating systems. This technology and the flexible services it enables, compliments at a national level the roll out of heat pumps. 

The British Gas Dimplex Quantum Tariff is a first-of-its-kind smart tariff for the Quantum storage heaters. Created by British Gas, the tariff can offer lower rates than typical Economy 7 tariffs thanks to the heaters’ capability to allow British Gas to charge Quantum heaters when electricity costs are lowest on the grid. This will be delivered through 100% renewable electricity*, and with prices fixed for 12 months. Designed, developed, and manufactured in the UK, the Quantum heaters intelligently communicate with British Gas, who charge them up with low-cost electricity when it’s available on the grid. This cheap electricity can be intelligently stored as heat which not only helps consumers to lower their bills but can also provide flexibility to the UK’s energy system as we continue to decarbonise our national energy infrastructure and transition towards Net Zero.