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Get to know our trainers better! At Dimplex, we emphasise the combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. This is the only way our instructors can convey all content in an interesting and practical way.

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To the overview of our training courses

Dr. Theresa Weith

  • Doctor of Engineering in the field of thermodynamics/heat transfer
  • Degree in engineering - specialising in energy technology
  • Authorised speaker for training courses in accordance with VDI 4645
  • Expert for heat pump systems according to VDI 4645 (Cat. E)

To whom does the offer apply?

Regardless of whether they are skilled tradespeople, technical building services planners or energy consultants - everyone needs to be made fit for the use of sustainable technologies in the area of building heating. Our training programme aims to impart basic and in-depth knowledge of heat pumps. It is important to me to get the training participants in the seminars excited about this pioneering form of building heating. After all, only those who are interested in the technology, understand it and are familiar with the products can ultimately convert them into an efficient overall system. In this way, our training courses make a significant contribution to the successful implementation of the heating transition.

Where can I arrange a training appointment? Where can I find further information?

On our website you will find an overview of all the training courses on offer and can easily register via a contact form. Each training course is described in detail with the content covered and the respective target groups.

Overview of our training courses

What is the best moment in a training course?

The best moment in a training course is the point at which the participants show their enthusiasm for the topic through their facial expressions, gestures or words and you realise that they have understood the content and are able to transfer the knowledge they have acquired to other problems.

Robert Ripperger

  • Heating and ventilation master craftsman
  • Expert for heat pump systems in accordance with VDI 4645 (installer and planner)
  • Publicly appointed and sworn expert for five years
  • Long-standing examination chairman for journeyman's examinations
  • Certified key account manager with over 35 years of industry experience

This makes Robert Ripperger a training expert:

With my extensive practical experience, I can empathise particularly well with the training participants.
This individualised approach to the participants is particularly important to me. Preparation is also particularly important to me and sometimes begins before the seminar by contacting the participants about the training content.

What is so special about the job?

I adapt to each training course individually and respond to the participants individually. That is very interesting for me. Also that the participants come from such different areas. The training time is also very intensive with all the participants, you get to know each other very well. The most important thing for me is that all participants go home satisfied.

What training courses does Dimplex offer?

We offer online webinars, for example on the electrical connection of the controller with touch display or its commissioning and operation. Our practical seminars on site in Kulmbach include refrigeration technology certification in accordance with Cat II, training in accordance with VDI 4645 or various levels of knowledge about heat pumps. We also offer webinars with further training credits.

However, we also have the option of catering to individual training requirements. Just get in touch with us.

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Stefan Küfner

  • Energy electronics technician in plant engineering
  • Specialist in technical customer service and technical training
  • Over 25 years of practical experience in heat pump service
  • Over 5 years as a technical trainer in the service sector

One of your specialists for training

Stefan Küfner is not only an experienced expert in heat pumps and technical customer service, but also a passionate teacher. His practical knowledge is at the heart of his teaching methods and he specialises in making complex concepts understandable and tangible.

What motivates you most when you run training courses?

I simply enjoy passing on knowledge and exchanging ideas with the participants. That's why I always look forward to the daily dialogue with our customers and colleagues who install and support our products.

What would you recommend to someone who is still unsure whether a training course is right for them?

It's not only important to know what you can do, but also where you feel unsure. It's always good to learn from each other and that's exactly what you can do in training courses.
Training courses are therefore invaluable, not only for professional development, but also for personal development. They allow participants to gain new knowledge, develop themselves and interact with other professionals.